Women in Egypt

Women in Graffiti: A Tribute to the Women of Egypt

For the Veils Team: 

Blogger and activist Soraya Morayef documents underground street art and graffiti as a political tool in Cairo. In this post Morayef examines the fight for women’s rights in Egypt. She frames this examination with the work of female graffiti artists. During the height of the Revolution, graffiti emerged in Cairo as a tool against the regime. It has remained a means of conveying political opinion and questioning the status quo. The work Morayef does to document and archive the art is especially important– due to strict censorship laws in Egypt, the art is often painted over. Without Morayef, there would be no physical record of this movement.


It’s a battle, being a woman in an Arab country, but perhaps the dire conditions makes us fighters. Since January 25, so many foreign reporters have waxed on about the awakening of Arab women in the Arab Spring; and how the revolutions liberated us/made us wake up and smell the coffee/made us throw off our headscarves and run happily through the meadows.

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